Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pinterest Melt Down!!!

 I'm having a melt down!! 

A Pinterest meltdown!!!

Can anyone else relate?

Let me explain.  I catch myself cruising Pinterest and I'll see something in crochet/knitting like this:


or this!  And I think I've got to get all the material I need to do these and do them soon!

Then I see something in furniture I like.  Like this

and I think ooooh, I need to do a similar piece!

How gorgeous is this! I've got to do this! Now where can I find a piece of furniture that resembles this piece?  Hmmm.

Then there are the craft items. 

This is so cute I can do this and I have plenty of vases hmmm.

My goodness, I have plenty of glass door knobs I must make some of these photo holders!

Are you getting the picture?

Oh, don't forget my obsession with paper and cloth flowers! I have oh...probably hundreds of pins on that.

Next are the design inspiration pins.  Like...

This one! Or I see something like this next one and go bonkers.

That's gorgeous! I recently remodeled my kitchen but I wonder if William would let me redo the bedrooms? Hmmm

Oh yeah, don't forget the garden and lawn ideas.

Christie Repasy

I have one of those wire dress forms, but hey I want it in the house. I know you could do that in chicken wire.  Now do I have some chicken wire? Hmm have to ask hubby.

Let's not forget the sewing, shabby chic ideas, all those recipes I want to try, (even though I hate to cook), what about all that junk I want to find and transform to....something, then there are the art tutorials, and the mixed media pieces I want to do, and...SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Have I got some kind of new mental disease?  My head is spinning, my heart is pounding, and I can't think straight! I have so many ideas spinning in my head.

Maybe I should start an PAA--Pinterest Anonymous Association. Anyone else need help beside me? LOL

Oh well, I'm just going to have learn to be more disciplined when it comes to Pinterest. 

Hey! Want to see MY Pinterest boards go here. I don't think there is much hope for me. Now I'm tempting you! I guess misery loves company.  HaHa!

Until next time take care,


Sarah said...

Easy to get one's self lost in the midst of Pinterest. I don't even allow myself to surf Pinterest but one in a blue moon. ;-)

CraftLee said...

Hi There ! Found you through the Alderberry Hill Blog hop I can SOOOOO relate!!! Think we may have to start up a support group soon !! There's my real life (where someday's I can barely find time to brush my hair !) & then there is my pinterest life where I craft, refashion, paint, crochet, cook, decoupage, and create my way through life, inspiring others and saving myself a fortune! .....until I look up from the screen !!

Great post ! I'm going to enjoy following you !
Feel free to pop by my place sometime!
S x

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha! yes, I many ideas, so little time...

Maureen Wyatt said...

I've actually started doing some of the projects I've pinned! Of course, I could never get them all done but I like to think I will. sigh ~ Maureen

Artsy VaVa said...

I have the same problem! I was just thinking yesterday that I need to go buy some plastic tubs and try to get things organized. I think you are is a new disease. Maybe they'll make a pill for it! But I'm sure you'd only be able to get the pills at Michaels or Hobby Lobby!

Vintage Paint and more... said...

I absolutely love Pinterest and spend way too much pinning. It is an addiction. But, I made a pact with myself to start doing some of those things. I have been creating a lot of things from Pinterest inspiration but, must admit there is no way I could ever get to all the pins that I have pinned. But hey, it's something to aspire

Anonymous said...

You are a funny girl! I find that I have to limit my time on the computer whether it's Pinterest or reading blogs otherwise my whole day is spent thinking about all the things I could do.

Helen's Decor said...

Peggy, I must say Pinterest is addictive. I try to limit my time there and go shopping instead! Ha! Just found you on SNS. Hope you hop over for a visit. Helen

Unknown said...

Pinterest makes me want to redecorate everything and get an amazing house...Its candy for the eyes inst'it? so addicting!
I would love if you link this to my link party Monday morning!

The Pin Junkie said...

Ha-ha! I completely know what you mean Peggy! With so many great ideas on Pinterest, it's easy to get overwhelmed!

Lorri Scott said...

I wrote something similar to my sister just last week so she sent me the link to this blog post. sigh. I clicked on "here", went to your boards, clicked on one of them and began pinning ...... NO! STOP!!!! ACK!! Hi my name is Lorri and I'm a Pinterestaholic. help. LOL!

Guess that means I relate.

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