Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I Don't Decorate For Halloween But If I Did...

Well I'm still down with my foot surgery but don't worry as usual I'm cheating.  I've been painting dining chairs in my den. I paint a little then prop my foot up a little. LOL

I've been reading a lot of blogs while I've been down and everyone is decorating for fall mostly with Halloween decorations. Me? I don't decorate for Halloween.  It's a holiday I don't like much and as we live in a rural area I have no trick or treaters as any children that live nearby go into town except my husband that is. So ever since my children moved out I just decorate for fall and then Thanksgiving.

But as I was cruising the web I thought what if I did decorate? How would I decorate as I don't like orange and black? Well, I found a few ideas and I thought I would share them with you.

Starting outside I love these white lighted pumpkins and white lights on the tree I think this would be really pretty leading up to my front door. I found this picture on Pinterest and you can follow my Pinterest here.

This would lead to my front door which would look something like the following:

Of course it would look like this if I had an entrance with wide steps and columns. :-)

Once you were inside no scary witches, cobwebs and spiders, or carved pumpkins for me you might see some of these instead.

Gorgeous hand decorated white pumpkins by Horchow! Oops, wait Horchow? Hmm, well maybe I would make some like these. Yeah, totally doable.

The only skull you would see would be glittery pink with a pretty pink rosebud hair uh, skull piece. ;-)

She would be sitting by this pretty pink and lace hand-painted pumpkin a midst pink roses and ribbon on my mantel. Umm, if I had one that is.

I'd have lots of unusual pumpkins sitting around.

Like these that are decoupaged with scrapbook paper and stenciled from Country Living.

On my table I would have an antique wood bowl with some plush velvet pumpkins.

I'd of course have to have a little bling here and there so I would silver and gold leaf a few pumpkins and sit them on display on small gold leafed flower pots. And to top it off and keep the bling going some glittery gold pumpkin candles!

In betwixt all of this would be silver and gold sprayed chrysanthemums, artificial of course, a few pink roses, and a lot of greenery. 

What do you think? Do you do something different than the norm for Halloween? Please share.

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Mari said...

Hi Peggy,
I was just passing, when the first pic caught my eye!!! just gorgeous :) what a great way to decorate an entry way for Halloween!!
I'm sooo glad you like my pink glittery skulls :) lol, I really don't care for black, orange in the inside of my home, too harsh for me!! I like sweet and soft and inviting :)

I really hope your going easy on that foot :)
feel better, looking forward to viewing your refurbish items :) love painted pieces :)


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