Friday, June 24, 2011

Should I Study or Cook?

Here's a before & after that was quite a bit of work for myself & my hubby.

I had been wanting a kitchen island but didn't want to cough up anywhere from $400 to $1000 for one. I found this old desk at a resale shop along with a nice piece of marble and immediately thought here's my kitchen island! What? You wouldn't have thought that? I know. I'm strange but hey it takes all kinds huh? . :0

We cut the legs off the desk put a new solid bottom on it (more support because of marble top) boxed the bottom & added new legs with rollers. My husband then made a top with a cut out to insert marble as it was smaller than the desk top. He then trimmed it out with a decorative wood trim I had picked out.

After scrubbing the heck out of the whole piece I found the paint was a really pretty robin's egg blue! Who knew! I then primed the unfinished wood then painted it a golden yellow to go with my kitchen. I painted the trim around top white & the edge around the marble a dark brown. I then distressed the whole piece & antiqued it with an espresso glaze and when it was dry I sealed it with wax. Wax is very durable almost as good as poly.

I then sealed the marble & the top making it safe for food prep.

Viola! A unique kitchen island! I love it!

Now the whole time we were making this piece of furniture my husband was telling me "Peggy, this is going to be too big for the kitchen." "No, its not I measured and everything. I know its going to be just perfect!"

Alas, as usual he was right it was a little to big so it is now in my booth at King's Antique Mall waiting for some lucky person to find it. What's that old saying measure twice....




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