Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Here's What's Happening at PJH Designs

 Hello everyone! I've been missing you and hope you are having a wonderful week. It is really starting to look like Spring here in north-east Texas and I hope the sun is shining in your little corner of the world.

I thought I would check in and just share a couple of my recent furniture before and afters. I find I am enjoying restoring antique furniture more and more, but my first love is  painting it, especially with chalk paint.

So without further ado here they are.

I found this ca.1840-60 solid oak dresser at an estate sale in a storage shed. I have to admit that I couldn't see it very well and really didn't know what I had until I got home with it and really looked it over, but i could see the top of the mirror and knew I should grab it before someone else did.

I'm sorry I could not get a picture of the full dresser as it is about six feet tall when put together and I have a small dining area. Gorgeous oak! And that's the original hardware cleaned up with a little Brasso and a lot of elbow grease.

The mirror swivels and the oak carvings are just lovely.  I found out during the stripping process that at first it was stained, then someone at some point painted it with a bright green milk paint, and finally (to my horror) someone DISTRESSED that beautiful oak! They burned it, beat it, hammered it, and put some kind of ink all over it then applied the finish. What a mess!

They had also painted the sides of the hardware black. I had to replace all but one of the small pieces that help the drawers slide and fill in a couple of spots where small chunks were missing and someone had already made a repair just under the top on the right side. Still, for its age it is in great shape.

In the end it came out beautiful with only two small low areas in the top. I was really excited to see after I posted it on Hometalk that they featured it on their Facebook and so far it has received over twenty thousand views! Thanks Hometalk!

Please ignore my messy shop. I never seem to have time to really clean it. :-( I found this heavy, solid wood mirror at a flea market. What a prize! I knew I could do something really pretty with it and loved the soft patina on the mirror.

I added some appliques, painted it with French Linen and Graphite, then gave it sparkle with silver gilding wax.

I think it came out pretty classy. (Yes, all my pictures are taken with my ipad these days.) :-)

A client brought me this adorable little dresser she wanted refurbished for her granddaughter. I had so much fun doing this piece.

I added cherub corner appliques to the mirrors and for the drawers I used some pretty, little, plaster rose pulls I had been saving for something special.

I mixed three colors of Annie Sloan chalk paint to get a pink to match the pulls then used lace as a stencil and off white for the design on the drawer fronts.

So, there you have some of the pieces I have worked on since I last posted on my blog. If you would like to follow me a little closer you should like my Facebook page as I post regular updates and items that are for sale on there.

I'm headed to Canton, First Monday Trade Days this weekend. Can't wait to find some treasures!

If you are like me, and celebrate Easter, have a wonderful holiday! 

God Bless until next time,

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