Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Free Graphic Wednesday #32

Its back! Free Graphic Wednesday! 
I stopped posting the free graphics for two reasons:

*I was getting low on images.  As this is just a sideline collection of mine I did not have an unlimited number of images.  

*It takes up a lot of my time to download and edit the images and be sure they are copyright free. Plus putting together the post.

Since I have request to start posting graphics again and since I have accumulated many more images I have decided to share with you once again.

Please read disclosure at the bottom of this post before using my graphics. Thank you.

Enjoy. :-)


Now go forth! Take images! Make pretties! Come back on Tuesday and share those pretties on Transformed Tuesday. :-)

Here are the rules for using these images.

  • The above images are free and for personal use only they are not for re-sale.
  • International viewers please check the copyright laws for your country.
  • I do research the images to check if they are copyright free to the best of my ability before I share them with you, and because I am providing the graphics for free I am not legally responsible if you use these images and are sued for copyright infringement. It is totally your choice to use or not use the images.

All images that are not listed as "free" on this blog are copyrighted and not  for public use. Copying my images without my permission is subject to suit.

Sharing at these great parties:

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Bouquet of Talent


pipigirl said...

thank you so very much for posting the graphics. i reaaly like the remembrance ones. ill definitely be using several. its been a year...... also,i want to thank you for your time and what you are doing. just want you to know that it is appreciated, and does not go unnoticed. thank again for what you do. i love your blog my dear. susy

PJH Designs said...

Susy you are so welcome. I enjoy using the images myself and I am glad to know others can use them also. Hugs, Peggy

Anonymous said...

Hi Peggy, thanks for the graphics. They are very pretty and I appreciate the invite to your party. I would love to join in as I am always changing something up. :) Have a wonderful weekend.

joy said...

Beautiful graphics images. Thanks

Unknown said...

Oh, I love the graphics! They are all so pretty. Can't wait to find a project to use with these. Thanks so much for sharing at A Bouquet of Talent!! Hope you are having a great week. XOXO

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