Thursday, September 27, 2012

Small Coffee Table Redo

Hello everyone I hope you had a wonderful week. :-)

I'm feeling much better and have been working on several pieces including an antique pie safe I picked up at an auction recently.

Today I'm sharing a small table redo that I recently finished and carried to King's Antiques.

I'm not sure how you are going to take the finish I applied to this piece, but I enjoyed how the colors peeked through so much on the blanket chest I recently re-furbished I wanted to explore that look some more. 

This is what I started with a nice, vintage, solid wood table.  I lightly sanded the piece just because I'm kind of weird and sometimes I just like to sand things! As I was using chalk paint it really wasn't necessary. I then thoroughly cleaned it.

Next I roughly painted the entire piece in patches with ASCP in Versailles Green, Greek Blue, and Duck Egg Blue. When that was thoroughly dry I applied a healthy coat of Old White.

My next step was to print the ballet fairy I found at The Graphic's Fairy onto tissue paper and transfer it to the center top of the table.  On the sides of the table I used tissue paper flowers from a napkin, and on the bottom center roses from a napkin.

When decoupaging tissue paper start by applying your decoupage medium to the area you want your image, and apply the image starting at the center and moving outward using a brush loaded with Mod Podge. Be sure to only use a couple of strokes in each area as the tissue will dissolve easily.

Once that was dry I took sandpaper and distressed the edges of the images to blend them to the piece better.

I then waxed the entire piece with clear paste wax and heavily distressed the entire piece. Then applied another coat of clear wax and lightly buffed.

I really liked how you could see all the colors showing through as if the piece had been painted time and again.  You may even think that at one time there were more images on the top. 

Hope you enjoyed this quick little redo. 

You know what I like about what I do? If I paint something no one else likes I can always keep it myself! LOL Or if I have the time, and feel like it, I can sand it down and repaint it. It's all fun to me.

Have a wonderful weekend and by the way I appreciate each and everyone of you that check in to see what I've been up to. I'm honored that you like what I do.


pipigirl said...

i actually love it.... only thing is i think its really a spring summery look. dont know. just sayin... it really doesnt make any difference. id still buy it as it is my style. weird mood tonight. sorry. hope i didnt offend you. ok im done.

Daniela @Frugal Aint Cheap said...

Great job on the layers. It really shows nicely the different colors.

PJH Designs said...

Hi Pipigirl, you certainly haven't offended me. It does have a summer or spring look. May not sell to then either. lol Thanks for stopping by glad you like it.

PJH Designs said...

Thanks Daniela. I'm glad you stopped by. ;-)

Sew a Fine Seam said...

You really did a great job on this one! As always!

Maureen Wyatt said...

I'm a fan of the layered paint look and you have done this so beautifully! Someone will treasure their little ballerina table. ~ Maureen

PJH Designs said...

Thank you Jill & thanks for stopping by.

PJH Designs said...

Hi Maureen, thanks so much! I agree someone will come along that loves fairies or ballerinas and just have to have this one.

Artsy Craftery Design Studio said...

Love it, Peggy! My kind of furniture painting and re-purposing, quick, simple, no hassle. Tissue paper decoupage is a great way to simulate age I think. I also like the way that the under painting colors show through. I love furniture painting and you made it seem so easy. I like the LIGHT sanding too, because that's all I'm willing to do, lol!

PJH Designs said...

Thank you Sandi I'm glad you like it and actually this piece was fairly easy to do.

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