Friday, February 24, 2012

Kitchen Renovation: Walls and Cabinets

Hello, blogland friends.  I’m just stopping in to give you an update on how the kitchen remodel is going.

It’s a big, big mess and driving me nuts but getting done slowly and surely. The upper walls are painted with two coats of white eggshell/satin paint that I already had and the bead board is up and has a thin coat of primer.

First we lightly sanded the bead board as it is rough in spots.


Once it was nice and smooth my helper put it up for me.  You can buy this at Lowe’s or Home Depot already cut to the 32” that you need or you may buy the full sheets and they will cut them for you which is a little cheaper.


You apply the base trim first and the bead board slides into the notch at back of trim. The top trim is made to slide in and be flush to the wall as a regular trim would stick out further and not look right.  To save money buy the pro packs of trim as they are almost half the price as buying the trim by individual piece.  I think a single eight foot piece of trim was like $1.15 a foot and the pro pack was sixty feet for $35.00


At the time I took these pictures we did not have the any of the other trim up yet.


As I said before I painted the upper walls with two coats of an eggshell paint that I already had bought at Wal Mart. The bead board and trim will be painted with Annie Sloan "Paris Gray".

You might ask, “But Peggy I thought you were painting with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint why are you priming?”  My answer would be for two reasons. First, it’s a kitchen. I want it to be very durable and ASCP is not cheap and having a base coat will cut down on how much chalk paint I have to use.  Plus…well my paint isn’t in yet and I’m chomping at the bit to get started! Smile


My kitchen cabinets are the stock oak from Lowe's about ten years ago.  We have the doors all off and I am cleaning them with Greased Lightning which is great for removing grease and yucky stuff.


We numbered them as we removed them (that is what the blue tape is in the hole) and after cleaning them I filled in all of the holes as I was not going to use the same knobs and handles.  I then gave them a light sanding.



I then applied some Kiltz primer to all of them and I recommend a foam brush as they apply the primer smoothly and you can just throw them away so no clean up.  Be sure to catch any drips but since I’m using ASCP I’m not worried about everything being super smooth or thickly covered.

Another thing I love about Annie Sloan is that it sticks to just about anything and you can just slop it on and it still looks great.

Okay, my next update will probably be sharing how we are making the butcher block style counter tops for one-tenth of the cost of the special ordered ones.

If you have any questions or suggestions I would be glad to hear from you I love to get comments.  Until next time ya’ll have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by.
P. S. If you thought I was going to share my cabinets with all the doors off let’s just say I’m not willing to share ALL my dirty little secrets just some of them. Princess

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Emma said...

It is looking really great. Can't wait to see the rest!

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is a big project! Brave girl! It looks great already! I can't wait for the reveal!

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