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Bathroom Storage Ideas

 Hello all my bloggy friends. I hope your week has started out well.

I'm so glad to be able to have a guest blogger today. I think she will be sharing a lot of useful information for those of you that might be updating your bathroom. So without further ado I will turn this post over to Sue Jason.

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog. I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and decor. For further read up on my work please visit 

Bathroom Storage Ideas

Bathrooms are generally small rooms that do not require a great deal of furnishing. Once the bath, shower, basin and toilet have been installed there is not a lot of room left over and designers often do not bother to put in anything more than a shelf or two, a couple of door hooks and maybe a towel rail. 

This is perfect for a 'show home' that is not used, but we humans tend to need lots and lots of stuff when we are in the process of getting clean – from razors and shaving gel to sponges, scrubbies and nail brushes; from shampoo and conditioner to hand-soap, bath-soap and shower crème! 

Often all these small cosmetics and toiletries are balanced on every available surface squeezed into every gap, nook or
cranny with the end result that the bathroom looks cluttered and messy. 

Use the back of the bathroom door for more than hanging a couple of towels. Rather than hooks install a rail on the door, as this will allow you to neatly store more towels. 

Towels are often more secured on a rail than on a hook, so they will not fall off so readily. You can get some very stylish towel rails online from My-bathrooms.

 Measure the space between the wall and the door when the door is open and see if there is enough space for a narrow shelf. It will only use up empty space and will provide a convenient place to keep spare toothpaste, soap and shampoo – even toilet rolls if the space is big enough. Above the door is also a great place for a narrow, but useful, shelf.

 Floating shelves can be installed where there is no room for free-standing cabinets, making excellent use of otherwise wasted space and providing a handy storage space for spare towels, extra toilet rolls, cosmetics and many other vital bathroom supplies.

If you have enough space for a narrow bathroom cabinet, purchase the tallest possible model. This will mean that you maximize the available space in the bathroom while only using a small area of precious and scarce floor space

Each bathroom is different, but what is usually a common factor is a bit of spare space somewhere in the room. It may be high above the door or low down close to the floor or even concealed behind the bath panels! Find this space in your bathroom and install a small cupboard, a shelf or a container – anything that will enable you to make regular use of this secret space.

An excellent way to instantly cut down on clutter is to give each family member a container in which to keep all their own toiletries. The baskets or receptacles can be neatly shelved or stacked in between uses and will mean that the bathroom is never cluttered and untidy-looking. 

If you can afford it, call in a carpenter to design some customized cabinetry for your bathroom. He or she will be able to see opportunities where you see empty space and having cupboards built-in, designed to fit exactly into the available space ensures that you will optimize the dimensions of your bathroom precisely. 

If you need some creative bathroom cabinet ideas have a look at better homes and gardens. No matter how big or small your bathroom is, you will be able to find a storage solution for your ablutionary needs!

Thanks so much Sue. You have definitely given me several good ideas to use during my bathroom remodel.

I plan on sharing a post on how my home renovations are going with you real soon so stay tuned.

Until next time.


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Dan Rizzi said...

Sue’s got a lot of wise ideas! It’s true that bathrooms usually have a limited space. And not organizing the things we have in there would make the space even more limited for our use. Using the minimalist design perspective would fit this type of space. Designs like cabinets that suggest space-saving ideas would be the perfect example.


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