Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Great Find!

Well, hi ya'll. I intended on having this post up a lot sooner but the computer decided to try my patience today and wouldn't let me edit my pictures. Sigh.  But at last here's my post for today.

I stopped at a local shop the other day and found something I have always wanted and I'm so excited! I love to do counted cross stitch and needlework when I have time and have done some things that I plan on sharing with you one day soon. I know and understand all the work it takes to finish one of these large cross stitched pictures and have always wanted one done by someone in the 1800's. During that time learning to do needlework was a must for any young lady and was part of her schooling.

The following picture was probably done by a young girl as her final piece at the end of the school year to show everything she had learned and how adept she was with her needle.  If you'll notice at the bottom it says Mary Whitworth's work 1851. It is sewn on linen and you will notice that on the left side there are less dark blue stitches than on the right.  It could be an error or simply that she ran out of blue thread.  Also, there is a little bleeding of the yarn under her name where someone washed it.  Other than that it looks great to be over 100 years old!  I think she did a wonderful job don't you?

I hope you love it as much as I do its going on the wall in my family room.

Have a great 4th.  

1 comment:

AllyJo said...

It's so precious. You know these are worth a small fortune dont you? I hope you got a good deal. I love it. How big is it?

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