Saturday, June 18, 2011

To Buy or Not to Buy that is the Question

Well, I stopped buy one of the re-sale shops I make a habit of watching for bargains and found a gem! It was a vintage buffet in really good shape and I hopped from one foot to the other as I examined it, because you see, I really wanted it for myself and I have no where to put it. 

So I started trying to talk myself out of buying really don't have the cash to spend on this right now, where would you put it?, its not that great a buy, etc.... I am proud to say I turned right around and left that shop without the buffet.

But....for two days I kept thinking about it and how much I really liked it and maybe I shouldn't have been so hasty!

Well, I finally broke down and said I'd go back to look at it just to prove to myself it wasn't all that great. Yeah, right.

When I got there it was still there I was amazed! I drooled over the detailed appliques, the original hardware, the mirror in back, how there wasn't a water ring or mark on it! But no! I have no where to put it! Yes you do! I could put one piece of furniture in the storage building and another on the carport, throw out this piece....Okay I'm buying it! When I talked them down $20 off their asking price I was convinced I had done the right thing. Yippee!

To make a long story short I got it home with help from hubby who also said, "Where you gonna put this thing!" I moved this, put that on the carport,  and squeezed it into my eat in kitchen next to the frig. 

I was pleased as punch as I stood admiring it with my hubby and daughter they both said, "Your NOT going to paint this piece are you? Surely not!" They know me so well. LOL

What do you think paint or not? By the way it is vintage but reproduction if that helps you decide. I think chalk paint in Louis Blue and Old White would make the details pop. ;-)


 Please ignore dirty 80's floors.

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