Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Free Graphics Wednesday #06

Hello everyone its that time again. Time to share a few of the images I have collected with you. Please see the disclosure page for the terms for using these images. Just right click and choose “save image as”.

Lets start with this great bird dog holding a woodcock.


I thought this beautiful dog was appropriate as it is hunting season and would be great on a scrapbook page with all those pictures of your hunters and their trophies.

Next is this Christmas card of a lovely dove.


Gorgeous colors in this card don’t you think?  Here it is with the center of the frame deleted if you want to add your own picture.


And finally just the frame.


And last but not least this darling basket of pansies.


So that’s it for this week get to work.  I know you already have ideas for at least one of these images.  In love

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Monday, November 28, 2011

I’m Sharing My Girly Christmas Tree :-)

Hello everyone I took a little break during the Thanksgiving Holiday but I’m back to work and decorating for Christmas.

I decided to get a new smaller tree this year so I went to Wal Mart and bought a white tree about six foot in height, with lights, for only $39!
On Black Friday I waited until after lunch (thinking I would miss the crowds Ha) and met up with my friend, Penny, at Hobby Lobby.  I wanted a pink, silver, and white tree so we proceeded to look for silver and pink ornaments, ribbon, and other trimmings.

Here are some of the decorations we found, some I purchased at the end of season sales last year, and a couple I picked up at Wal Mart.

Ballet Slippers

Mercury glass spindle thingy


A butterfly brooch would be nice

Of course we have to have a handbag Princess

Every girly girl needs a ribbon

A pretty cross necklace wouldn’t hurt

Some angelic music

Of course you’ve gotten all dressed up so there must be dancing

A little white haired man bearing gifts is always nice

And for good luck…

A little elf mouse!  I do not know if this is from the German side of my family, the French side, or if somewhere along the way someone just made it up, but we always had a mouse on the tree for good luck.  Anyone else ever heard of this tradition?

Next I used about four rolls of silvery ribbon to drape down the tree and to make a large bow topper. (Please ignore 1980’s wall paper border and painted paneling lol)

And finally to finish off our girly tree what else but a pink tutu!
Unfortunately I have not done any shopping for gifts yet but I did have this pretty Paris box that seem just perfect until I get a few gifts all wrapped up and under the tree.

I’m not through with my tree it still needs some more color and I will continue to add to it over the next few days. 
After looking at this pictures I can see some areas that need tweaking.  Oh, well right now I am painting and will share a finished piece of furniture tomorrow.

Hope you enjoyed my girly tree until next time happy decorating.

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Free Graphics #05

Hope you enjoy the images this week.
Here are the blah-blah-blah rules for using these images.
  • The following images are free and for personal use only they are not for re-sale.
  • International viewers please check the copyright laws for your country before using these images.
  • I do research the images to check if they are copyright free to the best of my ability before I share them with you, and because I am providing the graphics for free I am not legally responsible if you use these images for re-sale and are sued for copyright infringement. It is totally your choice to use or not use the images.
    First is a lovely manger scene for all your Christmas projects.


    And in black and white.


    Next is a post card image called “Soul Kiss” I just love this one.




    Last but not least is this ad for Jessop & Co.


    Love all the different typography in this one.

    Thanks for stopping by and Happy Thanksgiving its back to painting and cooking for me. In love

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    Monday, November 21, 2011

    What I’m Working on Right Now

    Hello everyone after my last post showing what a mess I have I thought I would share a couple of things I am working on now. I’m hoping to finish a few things and make room, but to do that I’d have to quit buying new pieces.  Sigh, I bought something today. Sad smile My own daughter just told me this evening that I need an intervention! Oh well, as long as I’m getting rid of some of it I guess I’m okay.

    First, is this very large coffee table I picked up at a resale shop.


    At one time it had a really pretty blonde finish but not now.  Pretty sad huh?


    I can not wait for you to see what I do with it! I’m planning  something different than anything I have done so far. Winking smile

    Then there is the Drexel buffet I have been talking about. I have been waiting for some paint to come in so I could finish it this is a great, quality, piece of furniture.


    But it is kind of boring to me you don’t even see the great details on the doors with this finish, but don’t worry I’m taking care of that.  I think you will like it.

    And the last piece I am working on right now is this bench.


    I love the legs and the raised panels across the base.  I plan on adding a cushion to this and can not wait to get started on it.
    Oh, if you look closely that is my grandson hamming it up for the camera. lol I did not even know he was there the little sneak. He is six by the way.

    Hope you enjoyed this sneak preview.  Happy painting and Happy Thanksgiving.

    Friday, November 18, 2011

    What A Mess & Gift Card Winner

    Hello everyone I thought I would be totally honest today and share what a real mess I have since I started getting serious about selling painted furniture.

    I do not have the most beautiful home in bloggerette land with everything magazine ready at all times.  Since I do not have a shop or a basement to work in I have been working on my kitchen island and outside on my carport.

    Lately working on the carport has been a problem because it looks like this.



    Completely covered in furniture waiting to be refinished.


    Hey there’s that Drexel buffet! I’ve been looking for that! lol Actually I am working on it now and it will be ready to share soon.


    Sigh so much fun awaiting and so little time because you see this is fun for me. I totally enjoy what I do its just the mess I get totally stressed out about and I really worry about someone calling the “Hoarder” show and putting me on it!

    Here’s my lovely craft room uh, or it used to be lovely.  I was so proud when my son moved out and I could finally have my own craft room.



    I know, I know, your horrified aren’t you.  Well, I do plan in the next few days to get in there and do something with it let’s just hope I don’t get lost and my husband have to send out a search party!

    I just wanted to share with those of you out there that are trying to do the same thing I am doing or something similar and let you know you will have chaos. Everything is not perfect behind the scenes of those popular blogs (it can’t be can it?) they have a mess also they just are not sharing. Smile

    Well its back to work for me but before I go here is the winner of the Wal Mart gift card.

    #4 Ruffles & Relics who said
    “What a blessing the wal mart card would be!! I am a follower. Hugs,

    Tina, please contact me at pjhdesignsinfo@gmail.com with your information.  Congrats

    Thanks to everyone that participated.

    Wednesday, November 16, 2011

    Free Graphic Wednesday #04

    Hello everyone hope your Wednesday is going well.

    Don’t forget to go here and enter to win the $50 Wal Mart gift card I’m giving away. The drawing will be Friday, Nov. 18, 2011. Good luck.

    Here are the blah-blah-blah rules for using these images.
    • The following images are free and for personal use only they are not for re-sale.
    • International viewers please check the copyright laws for your country.
    • I do research the images to check if they are copyright free to the best of my ability before I share them with you, and because I am providing the graphics for free I am not legally responsible if you use these images for re-sale and are sued for copyright infringement. It is totally your choice to use or not use the images.

    Lovely birds & holly Christmas card great for instant art.


    Without the scene so you might add a picture etc…


    Great fall scene for instant art.


    This is a French pop up note card to slide money or a note into the front.


    Here is the scene without the popup front.


    And last I thought I would share this Victorian Santa I used to make my bunting with.  I’ve had this image for several years and have used him a lot.  I think he is just gorgeous. 

    Okay, go make some pretties and I would love to see what you do with the images I am sharing with you.  Email your project to me at pjhdesignsinfo@gmail.com and I may share them on my blog. 

    Monday, November 14, 2011

    Crafty Day & Christmas Decor

    I’m very busy right now but I wanted to stop and take a minute to share a quick project I just finished for myself.  I received this little caddie several years ago I believe with a flower arrangement. 


    I decided I wanted to do something shabby chic with it so I got out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White and made a wash of half water and half paint.  I applied two coats of the wash and after that dried I went to The Graphics Fairy and found a letter H and a pretty border and merged them in the free program “Picnik”.

    I then used the gesso transfer method and applied the monogram to each side.


    This is very tedious and not my favorite method of transferring but I did not have a carbon copy only inkjet and this method works best with the inkjet image.

    I have been working on one of those curled, book page, rose wreaths so I attached a few of those onto the sides also.  I then applied a wash of burnt umber to the edges of the roses and tied a burlap bow on handle and here is the result.




    I plan on using it to hold Christmas cards, mail, etc…

    I have also been working on a few Christmas ornaments and the following buntings to carry to my booth at King’s Antiques.  I’m running behind I think as the department stores had theirs out at 4th of July! lol Winking smile

    Here’s some pictures of the buntings.


    I don’t have a mantle so I just hung them on my buffet for the pictures.  I just love this Santa picture.


    I printed the images on card stock and glued them onto some tea dyed, scrim fabric and then attached some twine for hanging.


    This image came again from The Graphics Fairy. I cut some strips of coordinating scrapbook paper, folded them like an accordion  and glued them around the edge. I then used twine  glued to the back for hanging.

    Well, I hope you enjoyed these projects my daughter and grandchildren have been here helping me make decorations so its back to work for me. So until next time have a good week.

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    Sunday, November 13, 2011

    Antique “Greek Blue” and Champagne Vanity

    Hello everyone hope your weekend is going well.

    I wanted to share this darling vanity I just finished with you.  I have just gotten some new ASCP colors in and couldn’t wait to try out this beautiful “Greek Blue”.

    Here is the before of a the vanity that I picked up at a local resale shop.


    It was plain and very dirty but had great bones and some good details.

    First I sprayed it with metallic silver.


    What? Oh, you want to know why? Because when I distressed it I wanted the silver to peek through. I then painted it Greek Blue. The details  I painted a color I achieve by mixing a couple of metallic paints. I think it looks like the color of champagne, a soft, light gold.  The little round area at the top of the mirror was just crying out for something so I applied one of my vintage images, a rose.

    After that dried I waxed with a clear wax, distressed it, then applied a dark wax to age it. I distressed the top quite a lot achieving a lighter blue as if worn away by time with areas showing the wood and then buffed to a shine.

    I love the juxtaposition of the aged chalk paint and the metallic elements especially the silver that peeks through on front and sides in different areas.  The drawers I painted “Paris Gray”.  I switched out the drawer pulls for glass ones and here is the result.



    Yes I took a few of these pictures in my husbands den all leather with wood ducks and a huge flat screen TV. lol







    This project was a little different for me as I usually keep to more neutral tones so as to appeal to everyone’s taste and d├ęcor.  However, blue is my favorite color and this is just a stunning blue don’t you think?

    I hope you like the results.  Would love to here from you. 

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